~Ice Cream Strawberry~

Finally, I made the ice cream. I used my kenwood ice cream maker.......there are few recipes that i actually wanted to try.....but you know what....i don't have that urge at the moment to actually put myself into a situation where i would adventure into new recipes....

So, i stumbled upon the recipe from Mat Gebu.....but I found the recipe in other's blog using Mat Gebu's recipe.....well i thought, hmm why not give it a try.....my kids have been asking me when am i going to start making the ice cream.....i think the recipe is quite easy, so i pick it for my experiment.

However, here is the result....the ice cream is tremendously delicious.....very sweet but it is supposed to be that way.....it's ice cream right? hehe.....

For those who don't have any ice cream maker, don't worry....ice cream maker is actually meant for someone lazy like me.....hahaha......you can use you ordinary mixer to make it......

Ice Cream Strawberry

270 gm coffeemate
500 ml fresh milk
120 gm gula castor
150 gm strawberry (patutnya 300 gm ya....mine tak cukup, kalu nak cuba, cukupkan 300 gm)

Blend strawberry ngan sedikit fresh milk. Campurkan kesemua bahan dan kacau sebati. Tuangkan ke dalam ice cream maker dan biarkan ia berputar sehingga ia mengeras.

If you all nak guna mixer:

Putar semua bahan dengan mixer hingga sebati. Masukkan dlm bekas dan simpan dlm fridge hingga hampir beku. Keluarkan, putar lagi dengan mixer hingga ia gebu. Simpan semula dlm bekas.

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