~Today is "Buy Nothing Day"~

Today, 16th of July is a 'Buy Nothing Day'. Are you all aware of that? It's a bit awkward to actually make this 'buy nothing day' really happening......how do i make it happen when actually just now i went out to buy some food for my breakfast.....hehehe

The actual 'buy nothing day' is to be held during November but FOMCA had organized it to be celebrated today. As a consumer, it's our duty to actually restrain ourselves from going out for shopping and it's the time to 'hang' our credit card.

Well, this isn’t just about changing our habits for one day but about starting a lasting lifestyle commitment to consuming less and producing less waste. It is important for society to examine the issue of over-consumption. I know it is really impossible to just go on and buy more and more useless stuff. It’s about time to really think about our consumption and try to buy less but better products.

It is important for us to think twice when buying things, by actually making a comparison of which item really helps you to energy-saving one or not. Of course i myself loves shopping, but maybe it's time to actually stop and think about our spending by only buying things that we only needed.

So parts of the step as mentioned by FOMCA is:

  1. Bring food or snacks from home
  2. Use public transport (which i cannot agree most....sorry....coz public transportation here is very bad.....if i do use it, i might not be in office in time)
  3. Spend the day with family (today is working day)
  4. Go to the public library instead to a bookstore
  5. Design your own wedding card or birthday card
  6. Don't use credit cards

So, all the best in participate by not participating.....hehe...can we prove that we women do not have a bit of what they called 'emotional disease' especially when it comes to shopping.....

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